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4 Healthy Ways To Cook Food

There are many ways to cook in a healthy manner. You can make low-fat cuisine that also tastes great. Here are some healthy cooking tips for you.


Steaming means to cook food in an enclosed condition by applying steam. There are many ways to steam like using a covered and perforated basket placed over a pot of boiling water, using Chinese bamboo steamers placed on a wok, electric steamers, etc. Steaming cooks and seals the food’s flavor. It doesn’t add extra fat during preparation. It preserves nutrients better as well. Vegetables, chicken breasts, fish fillets, etc. can be cooked this way.


Stir-frying means cooking at very high heat for a short time. As food is cooked quickly, you need to cut it into small and uniform pieces. This will let the ingredients get cooked thoroughly. You need to stir constantly and toss the ingredients often so that food doesn’t stick to the pan.


It is one of the simplest methods of cooking. It is done by exposing food to direct heat in a gas or electric stove. It gives a similar result as grilling. Unlike grilling, the heat comes from above.


This method uses steam to cook. So, it is a low-fat cooking option. It retains the original color and taste of foods like vegetable, chicken, and fish.

When eating, you should watch the calories. You should choose nutrient-rich food instead of dietary fat. But make sure that you don’t give up the flavor of the food while cooking the wrong way.

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5 Tips To Motivate Yourself To Cook

When you visit a grocery store or just walk past newspaper stands, you will find glossy covered colorful cooking magazines. You might have thought of cooking by yourself looking at the food pictures of these magazines, but after getting home, you lose interest. If you are not used to cooking yourself, then here are some tips to help you get yourself to cooking.

Pick up a recipe

This can be fun. You can simply open up a cookbook or magazine and choose a menu that looks good. You may also visit blogs or YouTube food channels for interesting recipes. If you get stuck, you can ask your mom. When choosing a recipe, look at the ingredients. Don’t choose something that is too complicated. Pick one recipe that you like.

Schedule your time

After you have picked up a recipe, you should find the time to make it. You should write down the date and time on a calendar or tell a friend to remind you about it. You should allocate longer time for cooking than it says on the recipe.

Plan what you need to buy from the grocery store

You should now get the ingredients to cook. You can write down all the ingredients you need on a piece of paper and then check which ones you already have at home. Go to a grocery store nearby and buy the rest of the ingredients.

Make it social

You can make the cooking process social. You can ask your friend to come and help you. More than two people should not be in the kitchen as you might hurt yourself. You can share your recipe with your family members as well.

Be stress less

If you mess up the recipe, don’t worry. As long as it’s edible, enjoy it. You should make cooking a fun event and don’t pressurize yourself because you couldn’t make a perfect dish.

Cooking doesn’t mean that you have to cook every day yourself. You can consider it as an experience. You should get the motivation to get started with cooking.

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5 Tips To Consider If You Are Arranging A Buffet-style Dinner At Home

If you are someone who loves inviting friends over to your house for dinner, then you should try the buffet-style dinner. It offers lots of food choices to the guests and will make your guests feel special. Here are some tips if you are arranging such dinner party at home.

Keep the food simple

You should come up with your theme for the buffet. Choose simple foods; it will make your life easy. Everyone can choose their food this way. You can have grilled cheese, tacos, etc. on the buffet menu.

Use easy-to-carry silverware

If your guests are eating in different rooms, then you must use silverware that is easy to carry. You should make sure that the guests can hold the silverware with one hand.

You should label everything

In buffet dinner, you are building up your meal. You should label the foods so that the guests know what they are. This way you won’t have to tell the menu to the guests repeatedly.

Use your spaces wisely

If you have outdoor space available, then set up the table outside. You can also use the living room or family room for the appetizers. This is the place where people will sit together before the meal.

Have buffet for drinks

You shouldn’t forget about the drinks. You should have a buffet for the drinks too. You can set up a bar with glasses and garnishes. You can have varieties of cocktails at the bar.

These tips will help you to organize a wonderful dinner buffet at your home. Your guests will have a lovely time, and they will appreciate your hard work.

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