4 Healthy Ways To Cook Food

There are many ways to cook in a healthy manner. You can make low-fat cuisine that also tastes great. Here are some healthy cooking tips for you.


Steaming means to cook food in an enclosed condition by applying steam. There are many ways to steam like using a covered and perforated basket placed over a pot of boiling water, using Chinese bamboo steamers placed on a wok, electric steamers, etc. Steaming cooks and seals the food’s flavor. It doesn’t add extra fat during preparation. It preserves nutrients better as well. Vegetables, chicken breasts, fish fillets, etc. can be cooked this way.


Stir-frying means cooking at very high heat for a short time. As food is cooked quickly, you need to cut it into small and uniform pieces. This will let the ingredients get cooked thoroughly. You need to stir constantly and toss the ingredients often so that food doesn’t stick to the pan.


It is one of the simplest methods of cooking. It is done by exposing food to direct heat in a gas or electric stove. It gives a similar result as grilling. Unlike grilling, the heat comes from above.


This method uses steam to cook. So, it is a low-fat cooking option. It retains the original color and taste of foods like vegetable, chicken, and fish.

When eating, you should watch the calories. You should choose nutrient-rich food instead of dietary fat. But make sure that you don’t give up the flavor of the food while cooking the wrong way.

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